The Sabemo Trust was formed in memory of Vittorio Moratelli. He headed the Sabemo group of companies, together with his partners Franco Belgiorno and Carlo Salteri for over 35 years -- the name Sabemo was coined from the first syllable of each partner's surname.

The company's success was largely due to a passionate dedication to excellence and the integrity of the man who ran it. His wish to form a charitable trust to support projects that help children is the basis of the Sabemo Trust. 

Summary of Purpose

To continue the memory of Vittorio Moratelli by assisting children and young people.


To provide assistance during the unseen period of a child's life from birth until the early years of formal education when a child can be most at risk.

To provide assistance by way of early intervention programs which seek to prevent problems or difficulties before they increase in severity.

To advocate the interests of young people in the community.

Priority Interest

The Trust supports projects focusing on children up to 8 years with the aim of providing assistance and early intervention during the unseen period of a child's life from birth until formal education begins.

The Trust also supports in a more limited way, projects which advocate the interests of young people in the community.

Target Groups

Young children; their parents; their families; and organisations who support them through early intervention programs.

Geographic Scope



Sabemo welcomes donations from members of the public  which will be applied exclusively for the purposes of the trust. Gifts over two dollars are tax deductible.


Sabemo trust has approval under item two of the tables in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 for gifts of two dollars and upwards.



Authority to fund raise

Sabemo has an authority to fund raise in NSW number, CFN 16897.

Legal Limitations

Deductibility for Australian Income Tax purposes. Applicants must supply proof of Tax Deductibility.

Grant Exclusions

The Trust will not fund overhead salaries or equipment unless it is an integral part of an otherwise eligible project. The Trust will not fund personal study; overseas travel; medical research; scholarships; assistance to individuals; or building programs.

Annual Disbursement

Approx. $250,000

Grant Frequency

Once per year in December.

Final Lodgement

This funding year, 2015, will be the last year in Sabemo Trust's grant making program for receiving submissions from grant seekers.

Details of Sabemo Trust's future grant making plans will be available on the website in early 2016.

Application Procedure

Applications must be accompanied by a completed cover sheet, which can be obtained from the World Wide Web at

Change of Use

The use of funds may not be changed without the prior approval in writing of the Trustees.

Time Period of Grants

Grants are for a one-year period with no guarantee of further funding beyond that time. A further application must be made for additional funding.

Size of Grants

The maximum size of grant is normally $50,000.

Meeting & Inspections

Trustees may wish to make an inspection or meet those responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the project

Further Information

Apply to the Honorary Secretary

Monitoring & Evaluation

The trust requires an evaluation report twelve months after the grant of funds. The report should identify the outcomes and results of the program as compared to the original aims identified in the application. The report should also provide the information required under the grant conditions.

Goods and Services Tax

Sabemo Trust is a member of Philanthropy Australia.

The Australian Taxation Office has issued a private ruling on G.S.T. exemption to Philanthropy Australia for the benefit of its members that a grant made to a non-profit organisation on the following conditions will be considered to be a gift rather than a grant of financial assistance and accordingly, provided there is no additional supply by the non-profit organisation in relation to the payment, no G.S.T. will be payable by the non-profit organisation in respect of the grant.

  • The Grantee will use the whole of the Grant exclusively for the Project as described in [the application for the grant] and not for any other purpose.
  • The Grantee will use its best endeavour to complete the Project within [twelve] months from the date of receipt of the Grant (the "Specified Period").
  • The Grantee will promptly advise the Grantor of any material change which may affect the Grantee's ability to undertake or complete the Project within the Specified Period.
  • The Grantee will expend the Grant only within Australia and where specified within the particular State or Territory.
  • The Grantee will show the Grant separately in its books of account and keep records adequate to enable the use of grant funds to be checked readily.
  • The Grantee will acknowledge the assistance of the Grantor in any published or display material.
  • The Grantee will give the Grantor a final report at the end of the Specified Period and, if the Project is completed after the Specified Period, within two months of completion of the Project. The Report will include:
    • The brief description of the Project as submitted in the application
    • A brief description of the project at the time of the report
    • A brief outline of any changes which were made to the Project as described originally
    • A brief outline of the reasons for any changes which were made to the Project
    • A signed and dated statement of expenditure showing:
      • The amount received
      • Details of the amounts expended on the Project
      • The balance remaining at date of the report

These conditions are included in all grants made by Sabemo.


Following is a summary list of the criteria used by Sabemo Trust when assessing submissions for funding.

Sabemo Trust’s focus is on assisting groups that are concerned with the welfare and development of young children from birth up to the early school years. The projects that are preferred use a community development model where the aspirations of parents and communities for their children are harnessed to maximise opportunities for change.

An application does not have to meet all the criteria but must demonstrate the relevance of the project to the Trust’s intentions.

Requests for funding will be considered when an applicant can demonstrate that a project can:

  • Benefit children 0-8 years in age
  • Alleviate disadvantage and answer unmet needs
  • Affect a large number of people over a long term
  • Generate partnerships with other grant makers
  • Generate partnerships with other community groups
  • Create change and bring about independence in individuals or communities
  • Show clear outcomes
  • Explain how outcomes are to be measured
  • Achieve a degree of sustainability

Funding can only be given to Deductible Gift Recipients and all submissions must be made using the application form available online at this web site.

Funding will not be granted for equipment (except where it is a minor but essential component of a project); building costs; rent; scholarships; medical research or treatment.